"If I ever get out of this mess, I'm never renting again!"

A renter who was raising pigeons in the kitchen... a landlord who rented an apartment without a working source of heat... a tenant who used the living room as off-season storage for motorcycles and snow mobiles.. a woman who had been evicted 5 times and hadn't paid a penny of rent in years - all because she knew how to work the system.  These are some of the situations we have successfully resolved for our clients

  Across the Commonwealth, thousands of residents elect to rent their homes, while thousands of others serve as their landlords thereby creating the landlord tenant relationship. These relationships are governed by statute in Massachusetts, a statute that is heavily slanted toward tenants.

Many landlords are not proficient on the laws governing the relationship and, as a result, often find out too late of the consequences. The wise landlord in Massachusetts consults an attorney with experience in this area of law before venturing out to become a landlord.

If a landlord fails to follow the statutes precisely, they can be accessed damages to the extent of three times the amount of rent, even it the rent was never paid.

When creating or signing a rental agreement or lease, there are a number of issues that need to be considered. Massachusetts statutes are closely followed by the courts in every landlord tenant dispute. You need to know your obligations and rights, regardless of your position as a landlord or tenant.


At Hyde, Poor & Associates, not only can we resolve problems through the legal system, but we can prevent problems before they happen.  We can provide you with a lease drafted to your specifications or review the lease you want to sign.  We can prepare necessary documents such as a Statement of Condition and Security Deposit receipt to ensure that, if there is a problem, you have followed the letter of the law.  In an eviction action, we have the experience and expertise necessary to mediate when possible, and litigate if necessary.  

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If you have questions about your rights as a landlord or a tenant, or are considering becoming a landlord, contact us at 978-425-0005 and schedule a free, 1/2 hour consultation.    We can help you avoid problems before they happen and provide comprehensive legal advice when they do.