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Not all divorces have to end in court. At the law firm of Hyde, Poor & Associates, we help clients throughout the entire Middlesex and Worcester County region understand less adversarial options for resolving their family issues. Mediation is one of the most important options you should know about.

Mediation can be an effective and less expensive way for clients to solve a wide variety of disputes. Giving all parties in mediation a chance to calmly and openly express their views, work through issues and reach solutions, our mediators can help families in conflict on property issues, wills, and estate planning. We can mediate with couples seeking to craft a pre-nuptial agreement. We can help siblings negotiate through the often difficult elder care issues that some families face. Call us today for a free consultation to see if mediation can work for you.

How Our Mediation Services Can Help You

Our family law mediation attorneys personalize our services by working with you directly. That custom-tailored approach makes it possible for us to understand the complex dynamics involved in your divorce.

We will draw on that detailed knowledge to craft a divorce mediation strategy tailored to your family’s specific circumstances and legal needs today and in the future. It also enables us to deliver legal services to you that are as effective as they are compassionate in that mediation emphasizes:

  • Control: You, not a judge, decide the terms of the divorce.
  • Time efficiency: You can often resolve your divorce more quickly.
  • Confidentiality: You avoid the exposure of litigation and trial.
  • Cooperation: You and your ex-spouse begin the process of learning how to co-parent.
  • Informality: You are not burdened by as many technical legal rules.

However, there are still times when ex-spouses, even if they remain amicable after divorce, may need post-divorce mediation. Often times, a major life event change will occur that precipitates mediation after divorce. These events are typically centered around changes in income statuses, loss of a job, an ex-spouse’s relocation or an illness.

We can also assist you in mediating any post divorce issues such as:

  • child support modification
  • child custody or visitation modification
  • alimony
  • removal

Our firm’s lawyers bring years of experience to bear on all of our mediation cases. As a result, we can advise you intelligently as to whether mediation can help you in your particular circumstances.

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