The Challenges Of Massachusetts Landlord Laws

The laws in Massachusetts regarding landlords pose their own unique issues that landlords elsewhere do not face. For that reason, when you are looking to protect your rights as a landlord, you want someone in your corner who understands what those rights are.

At Hyde, Poor & Associates, we can be that someone for you throughout the Middlesex and Worcester County region. We have spent years fighting for the rights of landlords in a comprehensive variety of landlord-tenant disputes, including lease disputes, eviction and collections.

We Protect Landlords

You can count on our experienced lawyers to provide you with all of your options. Better, our years of experience enable us to provide you with the guidance you need to choose from those options wisely. In fact, we write and lecture on landlord issues for other attorneys around the state.

Many landlords attempt to go it alone, thinking they will save themselves money. Unfortunately, attempting to get Massachusetts landlord law right on the first try usually ends up with landlords spending more money later to fix what they did wrong or, worse, incurring further legal exposure by choosing an incorrect course of action.

Let us handle these matters for you. We already know the dead ends and wrong turns involved in landlord law so we can help you avoid them. Our experienced legal judgment will save you time and money.

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